astral guide world events forecast

astral guide world events forecast
Key events for coming life - a pre-knowledge of possible events can prepare us better for the changes. Change is imminent. Join this blog to keep you and your friends informed. A no-nonsensical proven forecasting that works.

Intro : Astral-Guide Prognosis and Forecast for world Events

This blog is to post forecasts for forthcoming events as translated by the geo-cosmic movements or as seen by the astral projections, based on astronomical, astrological and other subtle arts and sciences that are based on ancient, established and sometimes forgotten knowledge.

We do not claim anything except publish some events whose pre-knowledge can help the reader and the humanity in general. These events are geo-economic, geo-political, geo-climatic and geo-physical in nature that effect and influence our human life on this planet.

We believe that an evaluation and proper translation of some forthcoming events can help us save our resources, lives and existence to some extent, despite the fore-knowledge and given that; all that happens to our planet, our homes, our lives is pre-determined in a way, as per our own previous actions and thought patterns.

All that happens is in reality, is a mere projection of our past deeds in very recent past or very remote past. Yet the key lies in past and past patterns. The future is nothing but a modified past that repeats itself yet as common people we can not figure out why that happens. Future, thus can not only be foretold or forecasted but also modified IF we knew how to do so.

We would like you to join this blog to support and to understand our lives and to contribute positively to not only our own life, but also of our fellow beings.

This blog is a supplement to the website which may resume soon some of its old features.