astral guide world events forecast

astral guide world events forecast
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Danger bells for India Europe Israel Russia

The world has always had evil among some collectives but usually a 10/15% of evil in overall noble or plain humanity is bearable but if the evil is very intense and on top in total darkness, even 1.5% can spell extreme danger. There are some people in this world who are completely lost, directionless, following a dead, darkened, horribly inhuman movement that is disguised as a religion and on one hand they try to legitimize their peace as a shield and on other side they are cooking all sorts of poisons and extreme hatred which is expressed through spread of fear, terror and every possible violent act to control the humanity to de-humanize it and to convert it into zombies and dhimmies or blinded followers of a mass that does not has its own mind or rather their minds are neutralized and numbed for ever by extreme pressure, fear and terror.
This is the total opposite of the beautiful, sweet nector of love and compassion that ancient philosophies taught. This opposite end of the civilization is now forming a self appointed righteous group that thinks that every one must be killed or forced to convert them to their inhuman non-thinking zombies.
From Oct 5th to next month, Nov 11th anything can be expected.

Europe is under extreme danger and the events that will begin this month around 19th or earlier and then around 2nd week of Nov will decide the future of a long time to come.

If you are around India, Europe, Russia, Middle East watch carefully.
The darkened forces of human mind have created a deadly critical mass and anything is possible.

As per some psychic vibratory forces the European continents bad luck begins this week and they may be under total annihilation.

We will be writing very specific and detailed analysis shortly but France, Germany, Austria and nearby areas are under extreme danger for Oct/Nov. Watch the period till19th Oct/ 20th Oct. and then 2nd week of Nov. specially from 7th to 14th Nov.

North Korea may make some trouble this month for Japan and South Korea.
If you are in India, Israel, Iran and Middle East please be careful during these periods.