astral guide world events forecast

astral guide world events forecast
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Friday, July 9, 2010

July 11 2010 Begining and ending of changes - Forecast - deep analysis of future to come..

The events discussed here are not for one day but for a longer period because the events are triggered during a set of peak days but their impact is prolonged and distributed over a long period of time!
This analysis is not out of ordinary or common forecasting or a prediction etc.
This projection uses a larger context & time frame while focusing on not only the key dates around this event but events that could be triggered from this period onwards.

The eclipses in human history have played a significant role as they have served as indicators of changes that occur immediately after and continue for a long time.

Not necessarily physical changes on the planets' physical aspect, where we see changes in oceanic waves, vibratory force shocks as earth slippage or shake or quake or shifting, volcanic openings or similar, but also emotional, spiritual and mental level changes not only on the planet Earth's make up but for all beings that live on it. Our host in this life is planet Earth which is a very sensitive, yet materialistic planet, a very small beautiful planet of extreme diversity with a life cycle of wide variety of living species.

Why does an Eclipse of Sun or Moon affect the living species of this planet?
It is simply because the concentrated and focused filtered energy of Sun and Moon merges with Earthian energy causing subtle shifts in Earthian energy pattern. In a much larger cosmic context this is a minor and ridiculous event that has not much meaning because thousands of such events of even bigger degree occur each day on our galaxy. It is like there are so many accidents in a city but a major accident that takes place in our street makes a difference. Well the Solar or Lunar eclipses have known to cause disturbing events on our planet causing damage to all species. So much so that many species that live in hidden parts of Earth do not sleep and get nervous. In a bigger picture each eclipse is different for each event has different positioning of other planetary aspects. But astrologers and students/scholars of esoteric sciences look into older patterns that are repetitive yet each day that we see has its own personality and so has each eclipse.

The eclipse of July 2010

This is not an ordinary eclipse even though most people and usual analysts or readers may tend to ignore it.

A very similar pattern happened during the great depression in 1930s. Wherever we may live our lives are affected.
Even flowers, plants, trees, all living creatures feel the impact of all planetary changes but some eclipses in collusion with other aspects impact more. Being human let us for now focus on Humanity.

Without any doubt we are passing very "interesting" times of human life more specially since past 200 years. We are in a major transition of a change that usually takes about 360 years and we have already passed about 240/250 years of this "transition". Now focusing on a shorter cycle we are nearing or coming to a certain bottom of the cycle despite our feeling that we are on top of the world or we have advanced a lot. We are actually not advancing in terms of civilization but witnessing a remarkable decline in our civilization that appears to be very sophisticated and advanced but that advancement is only on levels of technology and machinery. On human values and conduct we have degraded and we have come to a point which is most horrible and disgusting so much so that some species on our planet actually are preferring to disappear for so much negative vibratory force in form of extreme violence that we are exhibiting and expressing.

Human race on our planet in form of 7000 million human figures is congregating for a very special reason of which I will speak on another occasion.
For now know that we are at the worst of human behavior and conduct on any level.
We are degraded, cheapened and our spirits petrified for lack of love and real warmth.
We as individuals, collectives, countries and communities fight, collide and plan to destroy each other every day. We always end up staging wars for silly or stupid reasons for lack of understanding and respect of others. Malefic and uniformed religions and greed, fear in form of materialism since times immemorial has been causing death and destruction and we have not changed a bit. We are actually worse than ever.
We have added values to man made objects, stones, metals and imaginary valuables yet we have reduced the value of humans who are our co-conspirators, brothers and associates on the current plane.


There was never such thing as economic life as we see in current form. We are living in more inter-dependent and closer network yet we are more distant from each other than ever. We have so much communication yet so little real contact. Everything is economic factors and material survival.
We are more complex and our problems are also complexed.

The eclipses before brought havoc on physical plane but now they also bring about havoc on our economic life.
We are talking very fundamental issues of human life yet it is essential to understand the impact of inter-planetary influences on our life.

WHAT COULD HAPPEN this week and from this week onwards...???


The week may witness some sudden, violent and unexpected events on many levels but before we talk of them, we must know that this eclipse is actually a trigger of extreme and major changes that are coming forth in next few years more specially from April 2010 to Nov 2013. The events that are to come in form of earthly shifts, changes and natural catastrophes are so unprecedented that unless we all pray from core of our hearts and spirits and we radically change our conduct towards others and the universe by being good to our own self, we will witness major shifts. Our collective consciousness can alter the natural shifts to some extent. But this may not happen in near future. We only learn when we are inflicted pain and stress.
Very rarely you will see any one willing to learn with pleasure. We learn and change because of pain and unbearable stress.

Political changes?

Next 10 years will almost surely bring about extreme changes in some large countries on political level.
Rulers using obsolete religions, political systems that are meant to control will be dismantled and melting.

Many darkened areas of the world will see light and there would be dozens of revolutions for betterment of life.

Social Changes?

If you notice our social lives have changed drastically in past 20 years. Now the same 20 years change will happen each year for next many years that means the changes of hundred years may compact and happen in only 5 years.
Expect absolute changes. People and countries who live traditionally a certain set of life styles will radically transform. Major shift in how we conduct socially to each other.

Economic Changes?

Have you noticed how radical changes have happened in past 20 years in our economic life more specially in past 10 years? Millions of people are changing their work styles, millions of jobs have been transferred multiple times to different unthinkable zones of the planet. Millions of people are working for very large projects from their homes. Millions of people who lived a totally dark, primitive life a dozen years ago are now literally middle class. Millions of people have emigrated from economically, socially and religiously suppressed, oppressed areas to more advanced countries.

All these are economic changes on very macro level.

Expect 10 times bigger changes each passing year from now on more so from 2011 onwards.

In other words, a time of endings and new beginnings


Positive and negative changes

It indicates the beginning of a new cycle of growth and progress in every sense.

This is a key TIMING event and we should consider this as end of an old cycle and begining of a new one.
The changes bring about pain and horrible challenges to those who resist whereas wonderful positive times for those who are flexible, adaptable and growth oriented. Growth means to shed old past, events, views and ideas and get accustomed with new ones.

+ Technology : Amazing new scientific and technological advances are to be witnesses by current generations. Extremely powerful and totally new applications of Nano technology, DNA related research and warfare related robotics and automation could be unreveled during few months. A few discoveries in medical and chemical usage could happen. Some thing related to Gases or Airs may be a news. Water generated energy sources could be introduced. Many possible changes could be seen in vehicle/transport industries.

+  International conflict : There could be a major conflict of grand proportions from 3rd August to end August and may continue till November. Unless there is some harmony and diplomatic negotiation there could be some conflict that could turn out to be a war kind of scenario. We should pray that everything settles and people in power have some wisdom.

+ Financial crisis : Despite the financial markets having cyclic turbulence, we still have potential of a major economic collapse, major banks failing, many countries defaulting on their obligations and many very large corporations either failing or going bankrupt for abuse, mis-management or simply for not keeping up with the changing times.

A crisis is also an opportunity so if we see from a different angle all these chaotic and potentially catastrophic events could be beneficial in the sense that they may RENEW or revive the markets in a totally new manner.

I do foresee a 24 hour global financial market system very much in order in next couple of years. This is about to happen sooner or later but within a shorter period time than remote future.

Financial Markets Astral Guide: For more of our regular views on broader and specific Financial markets and various forecast reports  please visit the sister blog at

Many of the financial crisis events would be consequence of natural disasters and potential conflicts on international level but that is over a period of next 3 years. Focusing on today and next few months, the critical days would start from the 4th week of July to August and then at the end of the year.
We would be highlighting and detailing on these events if you follow this blog or a blog on financial markets of similar name. Some companies or banks may merge or form new ventures or change their format. There could be a few mega mergers in July and August.

Many financial systems of national levels may fail or rather renew their lives due to heavy taxation, over taxation or over regulation of large enterprises. To avoid such calamities the taxation or regulation should be gradual in shorter degrees and there should be more incentive for smaller businesses to grow. Yet we do need large enterprises too for infra structural and major industrial projects. Unfortunately in this period of next 4 months larger businesses may be affected badly.

Catastrophes - Disasters or unwanted events: This is what none of us ever want at least where we live or nearby.
Yet it is inevitable to have some events and we can not escape from their outcome.

Currently the United States is having one of the largest eco-system disasters in form of an Oil well gusher's broken lid when the rig that was on top of a large oil and gas deposit in Gulf of Mexico broke.
Everyone is waiting for a potential recovery of the spilled oil but despite literally 3 months passed, the matter is not resolved.

The possibility of a Gaseous explosion or Gas induced major accident could occur around the Gulf of Mexico between the Louisiana/Alabama/Florida coast to Venezuela.

Crops: A few areas of the world could experience shortage of rains, water and famines, destruction of crops of fruits and foods.

Affected countries and geo-economic areas:

This particular eclipse may cause damage in form of crops failure or other events in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, Central Asian regions, Thailand, Myanmar, parts of China.

Other potential areas to be affected. Some of the following are already having extreme bad luck like Poland, Greece and Iraq for past 4 months.

United States, Venezuela, Canada, Brazil, El Salvador, Turkey, Switzerland, West Indies/Gulf of Mexico, Myanmar, Iraq, Syria, Qatar,  Iran, Greece, Croatia, Poland and Pacific islands

Key cities that could have some special impact:

Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Baghdad, Paris, Boston, Los Angeles, Kabul,  Islamabad.

During these 20 days from now on these following areas also could experience some dramatic events. We hope and pray nothing untoward happens. Believe or not when good people with purity of heart and soul pray for the welfare of their neighbors good results come:

Algeria, Argentina, Cape verde, China, Madagascar, Malawi, Palestine, Peru, Serbia, Slovenia, The Philippines, Vietnam [and nearby Indo-china areas],  Zaire and to some extent the United Kingdom.

NB: We plan to post a series of country wide and geo-economic areas forecasting for the benefit of residents in those areas soon on this blog and our site, which is being reorganized to offer key information. We hate to post negative predictions but time has arrived when we must get organized before the bad times engulf our spirits and material world into oblivion.
Please join this blog or at least invite friends who you care about, or send these texts freely to anyone so that we can do something at least on spirit level to create and foment a massive positive spirit cloud that can bring about some powerful positive force to mitigate the coming times.

TIME PERIOD: Events from 10th July to 30th July could be more related to physical shift or move but from 21st July there would be subtle change in many areas of the world. Many earlier crisis would be settled but some new crisis would begin.

Would you like to know more, comment on this quick brief on key events, ask questions or share your views please kindly comment by clicking on comments. You could also follow this blog on the right side column. You could also share this blog with your friends. 

Financial Markets Astral Guide: For more of our regular views on broader and specific Financial markets and various forecast reports  please visit the sister blog at

More to follow.. 
Please forgive for any errors as it is an unedited version that is not yet complete.


  1. I agree with your comments. Very fundamental issues raised here.

  2. This great article based on astounding facts must be an outcome of a huge research. With so much of information on the coming events in advance, one can definitely try and get organised to deal with the changes.

    A fantastic write-up! I hope that the prayers of just those very few good souls on this earth which have the ability to look and think beyond themselves, could lessen the effects of the drastic changes and destructions that you have foreseen.

    I sincerely hope that this article serves as an eye-opener to those who need to pause a while and review.

    Please keep up the good work!

  3. Astral can you pls comment if Spain's wimming the soccer cup is going to a be starting factor in its economic resurgence? also not many ppl are giving a greece a chance so wonder how its gonna bounce back.

  4. Can you share some thoughts on weather eclipse impact is more in countries/regions its actively seen rather than others?

  5. Hello Anchor
    Well Spain and its economy has nothing really to do with its football team:)
    We just mentioned in the earlier blog merely for a reference of some aspect change that is to happen around 21st July.

    Spanish Football team may have more chance to win atleast based on the data we have. Please see response in the earlier blog on details.

    Spain and other countries of Europe like Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Italy are under crisis for their fiscal issues and national debts etc. But Greece and Poland have worse luck for their issues began around start of the year. You saw that entire leadership of Poland died in a plane crash and then Poland saw unprecedented floods. Greece and its inhabitants usually so peaceful have had so much agitation lately specially since Feb. Based on the events that triggered these issues should see some change from end of this month onwwards.

    Obviously this does not mean the crisis will simply go away overnight but we will see much reduced tension and stress.

  6. Hello Astralguide

    I just saw your other blog predicting correctly on Uruguay Germany Football match. Now I am hallucinating really that you seem to have some magic wand or something very powerful that you could write about future things so clearly as a matter of fact.

    I also notice that you write a financial blog which appear to be really very good. I wish I knew your blog earlier. I am glad I found your site and would love to hear more from you.
    Good stuff and great reading this amazing article you posted. I absolutely agree with all your points here.

  7. A 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit Chile around 4:30 EST Wednesday morning. The quake was the second to hit the area in just a few hours.The first quake was a magnitude 5.2. It hit near the coast of central Chile, northwest of Temuco.
    1: Is this the beginning of the Eclipse effect?
    2: Since the eclipse was visible in Chile and parts of South America, is it that parts where the eclipse is seen are more prone to its effects than others?

  8. Have you closed your financial blog? It indicates by invitation only today and I am unable to review.

  9. The blog was misconfigured by error. It is now available. We apologize for any incovenience.

  10. Breand in UtrechtJuly 28, 2010 at 12:54 PM

    Incredibly yet true. Your predictions are coming true veritably as accurate as they can be.

    "Key cities that could have some special impact:
    Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Baghdad, Paris, Boston, Los Angeles, Kabul, Islamabad."
    Today a plane load of people completely destroyed in Islamabad.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful spiritual, philosophical and astrological predictive thoughts which are absolutely to the point. We wait for more country focused reports as mentioned anxiously.

    China is having extreme weather conditions.
    Myanmar, Thailand and Indo china indeed is having draught conditions.

  11. Your mention of North Pakistan, China and Islamabad was absolutely to the point - cant be better. North Pakistan indeed has had unprecedented floods that are causing damage hundreds of thousands of residents. Yesterday Islamabad saw a big air accident. China is having floods, earth sliding and other climate related events. I am waiting for your next predictions please.

  12. Thank you friends. Watch carefully the countries and cities mentioned and you will notice sudden moves. We mentioned Zaire but it also includes Congo too, Zaire was previously also called Congo.
    Congo have had shocking incidents too in the past days. Watch the events carefully from today to early next week. We shall try to post a new blog with more precision.

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  14. The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information are available on this post. I am thankful for the new things I learned reading your post. I have been reading a lot on here and have picked up some great ideas.




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