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astral guide world events forecast
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Impact of Planetary turbulence on Human life on Earth

Long term impact
Jupiter the most important planet that favors traders, investors and all banking & finance related professionals will be extremely affected for a time to come as Jupiter had a massive explosion on 3rd June, whereby a huge meteor like object plunged on its surface. It is a major impact on the planet. If it was on Earth it will shatter massive parts of our planet. Jupiter is like a super planet whereby our poor planet is just a little babe.

Our planet could not even sustain a minor blow that hit million year ago where we have now Grand canyon range from North Mountain going to North Mexico.
Jupiter has extremely large sphere of energy and more moons than all close planets that affect our Earthial ring. The great activity at Jupiterian sphere will cause major setbacks and changes for our world. These moons are extremely active, friendly and very very beneficial to Jupiter and all planets of our galaxy. A few of them are also being in major transition.

Major changes

You will notice extreme changes in Financial and all markets from now on not only for months to come but forever. Some major changes that are coming will change the way we live, think and work but that would be seen gradually over the coming months and next 3 years. To start with we have entered a period of massive change and anything will happen.

It is a time when many fortunes will be made and many existing fortunes will be shattered forever or lost into oblivion. People who amassed wealth by crooked means or with sins will lose it. People with good and noble karmic past will see better results. In brief, wealth or whatever we call to the liquid energy will change hands as always but this pattern is shifting after 12600 years literally. The motors of change have just ignited. The change on our planet has begun. The literal impact on our trade, industry, financial markets, money or capital fluid and all our human activities will have extreme changes over next 3 years from this and coming few week.

You can mark these words and keep them for future reference. Besides the extreme activity at Jupiter there are some interactions that will cause major and subtle changes which will be sudden, shocking yet perhaps necessary for our evolution.

NASA / ESA / Jupiter Impact Science Team
A comparison of Jupiter's disk from July 23, 2009, and May 9, 2010, shows how the planet's stripes have changed. The earlier image also highlights a "Great Black Spot" left behind in the far southern hemisphere.

Image: Flash aftermath on Jupiter

Jupiter's trademark Great Red Spot, a massive storm that could fit two Earths inside, is typically found along the edges of the planet's Southern Equatorial Belt (SEB). When the southern cloud belt fades from view, the Great Red Spot stands out along with Jupiter's Northern Equatorial Belt of clouds in telescopic views.
Last year, Jupiter's Great Red Spot – which has raged for at least 300 years – appeared to be shrinking.  In 2008, other red spot-like storms (smaller than Great Red) showed changes as well, while activity in the Southern Equatorial Belt also appeared to slow down.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and no stranger to weird weather.
Earlier this year, astronomers announced that the gas giant likely has helium rain showers from time to time. Jupiter has also tended to grow a variety of new storms, or spots, with some even changing color between white and red during dramatic climate changes on the gas giant.

See few of the Moons of Jupiter: